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No land preparation could be future in Agriculture?

Agronomy is the basic branch of agriculture which deals with the study of principles and practices of crop production and field management. The foundation of agronomy based upon some basic principles such as tillage, seed, sowing time, sowing method, crop production, crop rotation, water management, nutrients management, plant protection measures, …

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Whats is most efficient irrigation method?

Any living organism cannot live without water. Water is an important constituent of any cell either it is a plant cell or animal cell. Plant cell constitutes of 80-90% water but the percentage of water varies in different parts of plant. Water has physiological and ecological importance. It is not …

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Nutraceuticals: Functional Food Products

These are the food products that contain extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritive value it contains. The term ‘’nutraceutical’’ consists of two words, nutrient means nourishing food component and ceutical is derived from pharmaceutical which means a drug. In other words, these are the medicinal foods beneficial …

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The Emerging trend of Landscape

The Emerging trend of Landscape God showers His a lot of blessings on mankind; world is full of glorious places where anybody can feel comfort and enjoy himself. No doubt, natural beauty has no alternate of it. Now a days people’s life is more busy, they don’t have free time …

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Strange Tree with Precious Fruite

“Strange Tree with Precious Fruit” God gives a lot of blessings to mankind; fruits have more importance in the food ingredients. Date palm is one of the best fruit trees having both ornamental and medicinal importance. Date palm was initially cultivated in the land of Iraq and Middle East approximately …

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How to control Aflatoxins production?

The word “aflatoxins” was used in the mid 1960’s the point at which the demise of a great many turkeys and other local creatures was attack of Aspergillus flavus poisons in groundnut feast imported from South America and poultry face same situation in the UK. The endless impact of very …

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