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Horticulture Industry

Maturity Signs and Harvesting of Mango

Maturity Signs of Mango: 1. Fruits generally require 95 to 115 days to mature after flowering. 2. Building of shoulders and a slight depression near the stalk end indicates the maturity of fruit. 3. Colour of fruit changes from dark green to pale green. 4. Red blush develops on the fruit shoulders. 5. One …

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Maturity Indices and Harvest Indices

Maturity can be described as the attainment of the particular size or stage after which ripening takes place. On the other hand, ripening means the qualitative changes in fruits after maturity of which it become edible. Various Maturity Indices are: i) Number of days from fruit set,ii) Visual indicators,iii) Size …

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Types of Maturity of Fruits and Vegetables

A) Harvesting Maturity B) Physiological MaturityC) Commercial or Horticultural Maturity Harvesting Maturity: The harvest maturity of vegetable depends upon the purposes for which it is harvested. For local market and for processing, fully coloured tomato fruits are harvested. However, for a distant market fruit which have started developing colour are harvested. …

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Harvesting of Fruits and Vegetables

Harvesting is one of the important operations, that decide the quality as well as storage life of produce and helps in preventing huge losses of fruits. Harvesting of fruits should be done at optimum stage of maturity. During harvesting operation, a high standard of field hygiene should be maintained. It …

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Maturity of Fruits and Vegetables

It refers to the attachment of final stage of biological function by a plant part or plant as a whole. Or It is the particular stage in life of plant of fruit at which they attain maximum growth and size. Good quality of fruits and vegetables are obtained when harvesting …

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