Maturity Signs and Harvesting of Coconut

Maturity Signs of Coconut:

1. Coconut usually matures in about 350 to 375 days after appearance of the inflorescence. 
2. Colour of fruit changes from green to yellowish or brownish green. 
3. The fruit produces peculiar metabolic sound on thumping. 
4. All nuts in a bunch mature at the same time and uniformity.

Harvesting of Coconut:

1. In India climbing the trees does harvesting. The climber often uses a small ladder. After climbing top of the ladder he uses a rope ring round the feet for climbing the rest of the tree. On reaching the crown he harvest matures nuts.
2. In Srilankha, harvesting is done from the ground with the help of a knife attached to a long bamboo pole. 
3. In Malaysia and Thailand trained monkeys are also used for harvesting. 
4. In Africa, nuts are allowed to fall from bunches.

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