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Food Industry

Sauces and salads

Jay Rayner is one of England’s most respected restaurant critics: acerbic and witty, his weekly column in the Observer every Sunday is required reading for me, and for thousands of foodies across the country. A good review from Rayner can put a restaurant on the map, and a bad one …

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Upgrading food packaging industry

THE three-day annual packaging exhibition held in Karachi in the first week of September has boosted hopes for better packaging solutions for the food industry. Improved law and order situation in Karachi encouraged a large number of foreign companies from two dozen countries to participate in the exhibition. And, during …

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Meat sector poised to grow

The meat processing sector, which has been doing reasonably well for some years, is set to grow faster after the four-year tax holiday granted for new entrants. The meat processing facilities, which come up by December this year, and obtain ‘Halal certificates’, will be eligible for tax holiday. Besides the …

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Food companies doing well

FOOD processing and packaging companies continue to fare well on the back of rising domestic demand being fuelled by urbanisation and a change in lifestyles. But in the last fiscal year, the cumulative output of food and beverage companies (included in large-scale manufacturing) fell a quarter percentage point, in a …

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Preparation of Butter

Objectives: 1. To study different types of churns. 2. Churning principles. 3. Washing, working and packaging and storage of butter. 4. To judge the quality of butter. Relevant information: Butter is defined is a fat concentrate product obtained by churning, cream, gathering fat into a compact mass and working it. …

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