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Can plant produce light?

Bioluminescent plants: as a source of Light Farah Kamal, Sonia Zulfiqar, Mahnoor Jamil, Sana Shaheen, Purwa Khan, Hamna Shazadee, Shakra Jamil, Rahil Shahzad. Nature has created so many organisms that can glow with different colors because of some biochemical reactions taking place in their body. The phenomenon of production and …

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Impact of Climate Change on Agronomic Crop Production

Impact of Climate Change on Agronomic Crop Production Muhammad Nasir*, Hafiz Muhammad Arslan Abid, Muhammad Tayyab, Sajjad Manzoor University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan *Corresponding author: nasir.uaf1900@gmail.com INTRODUCTION: Crops are dependent on temperature, light, moisture and CO2 to produce grains and other crop products to satisfy the basic human needs. Climate …

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Unserdstanding smog in Lahore

Cool weather, low breeze blooming flowers are the sign of spring season in  Pakistan but this spring season came with  smoggy days which in few days make people fear about their health and environment too. Smog is a type of air pollution which can be hazardous at its peaks. The …

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Environment Friendly Diesel Oil

BY:- SAIF ALI, MUHAMMAD UMAIR HASSAN, MUHAMMAD MAHRAN ASLAM, RASHID HUSSAIN AND RAMLA FIRDOS Diminishing energy resources, unstable oil prices, global warming, climatic extremes, and other related problems have lead the world to focus on alternate, environment friendly and renewable energy  sources.  Among  many  entrants  accelerated  the  production  of  bio-diesel …

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Nanotechnology and Agriculture

The production of crops by natural method is an open system where both energy and matters are exchanges easily by directly related to environment. Agriculture is the considered as the back bone of developed countries as it provides food for human beings , it provide feed to animals ,as well …

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Bioremediation of Lead Contaminated Soil

  Muhammad Faizan Ilyas*, Tahir Ilyas1 & Muhammad Asad Hameed. Department of Soil Science, University College of Agriculture, University of Sargodha, Pakistan. 1University of Engineering and Technology, Kala Shah Kaku, Pakistan. Abstract: Lead contamination is now becoming a global problem. The lead contamination occurs mainly through anthropogenic activities. Many of …

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