Tuesday , January 23 2018
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Recent Researches

Research centre on its way to boost agriculture

A development that is sure to be propitious to the country’s agricultural sector, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) has voiced its intention to establish a research centre at the National Agriculture Research Centre (Narc). The Mexico-based international body will set up the Borlaug Institute for South Asia-Pakistan …

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Causes of Biodiversity Loss

For over seven hundred million years, dinosaurs ruled the earth. Some had huge teeth that ripped the flesh of their target. However, there were also some plant eating dinosaurs too that could graze from the top of the trees. The dinosaurs’ dominant position was undoubtedly assured to last long but, …

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Agriculture and Fishing Cause Coral Reef Decline

New study of mollusc fossils from Caribbean Panama shows that early changes in coral reef environments are linked to declining water quality Since researchers began surveys in the 1980s, coral reefs in the Caribbean have undergone widespread change following bleaching and disease epidemics that have reduced the abundance of reef-building …

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Pesticides: More toxic than previously thought?

Insecticides that are sprayed in orchards and fields across North America may be more toxic to spiders than scientists previously believed. A McGill research team reached this conclusion after looking at changes in the behavior of individual Bronze Jumping Spiders both before and after exposure to Phosmet, a widely used …

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