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Recent Researches

Low-fat diets have low impact

An analysis of 53 weight-loss studies that included more than 68,000 people has concluded that, despite their popularity, low-fat diets are no more effective than higher-fat diets for long-term weight loss. And overall, neither type of diet works particularly well. A year after their diets started, participants in the 53 …

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Increasing calcium intake unlikely to boost bone health or prevent fractures, say experts

Increasing calcium intake through dietary sources or supplements is unlikely to improve bone health or prevent fractures in older people, conclude two studies published in The BMJ this week. Collectively, these results suggest that increasing calcium intake, through supplements or dietary sources, should not be recommended for fracture prevention. Guidelines …

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Sisal: The Natural Potential Fiber of Pakistan

The neglect treasure of super strength Sisal (Agave sisalana) yields fiber in its leaves that is bio-degradable with good mechanical strength offers a great promise for sustainable societies. Heading towards a bio-based era, entails swapping of many synthetic raw material to more renewable raw materials of plants and animal origin …

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Research centre on its way to boost agriculture

A development that is sure to be propitious to the country’s agricultural sector, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) has voiced its intention to establish a research centre at the National Agriculture Research Centre (Narc). The Mexico-based international body will set up the Borlaug Institute for South Asia-Pakistan …

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Causes of Biodiversity Loss

For over seven hundred million years, dinosaurs ruled the earth. Some had huge teeth that ripped the flesh of their target. However, there were also some plant eating dinosaurs too that could graze from the top of the trees. The dinosaurs’ dominant position was undoubtedly assured to last long but, …

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