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Major Crops

Problems of Sugarcane Growers in Pakistan

Sugarcane is one of the most important sugar and cash crops of Pakistan. It is mainly grown for its sugar and sugar related by products. However certain other byproducts are also used in paper and board industries. During 2014-15 the crop was grown on an area of nearly 1.1 million …

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Sugarcane Crop in Punjab

Sugarcane Crop in Punjab Sugarcane is one of the most widely cultivated crops all over the world. In Pakistan Sugarcane is highly preferred and most valuable crop which is used by many farmers due to its high and satisfactory returns. It is ranked at 4th position in sugarcane acreage and …

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Processing of Wheat’s into Flour

Flour is a finely ground powder prepared from grain or other starchy plant foods and used in baking. The vast majority is made from wheat. Flour has been made since prehistoric times. The earliest methods used for producing flour all involved grinding grain between stones. These methods included the mortar …

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Role of weed seed bank in dispersal of seeds

Seed bank In 1859 Charles Darwin start the study of seed bank when he was observing the emergence of seedling using soil samples from bottom of lake. And in 1882 the first scientific paper on the topic was published and reported on the occurrence of seeds at different soil depth. …

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