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Livestock Industry

Cattle breeding with quality control

PUNJAB risks losing part of the gains made in livestock improvement over the last one decade as the artificial insemination businesses pack up, alleging highhandedness by a livestock department working under a new provincial secretary. Out of 16 such centres in the private sector, only six are left and they …

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Egg Shell Defect: Star cracks

Description Star cracks are fine cracks radiating outwards from a central point of impact, which is often slightly indented. The egg in the photograph has been placed over a bright light. This is the way it would look to a candling operator. Incidence The incidence varies with flock age but …

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Egg Shell Defects- Hairline cracks

Description Hairline cracks, i.e. very fine cracks, usually run lengthwise along the shell. As they are diffi cult to detect, candling efficiency needs to be maximised (see page 24). Their presence in fresh eggs can be revealed by careful squeezing or tapping. The crack becomes more obvious as the egg …

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Egg Quality- Gross cracks

Description The term ‘gross cracks’ refers to large cracks and holes, which usually result in a broken shell membrane. Incidence The incidence of gross cracks increases with the age of the hen. It ranges from 1 to 5% of total production. Cause Control Reduced shell strength due to: Ageing Keep …

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Feed Grain Markets Grow in a Shrinking World

ANALYSIS – Stable and, in some cases, even higher stocks and favourable harvests of maize, wheat and other cereals offer livestock producers the prospect of stable feed prices in the coming year, reports Jackie Linden from a recent grain market conference. With a background of growth in the global markets …

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