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Horticulture Industry

An endless learning experience

The months tend, if you are a dedicated gardener, to slide into one another as the years cycle through seasonal planting routines with, it is hoped, a few interesting experiments — the kind which make a gardeners heart sing — adding exciting variations on a theme along the way. It …

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Tomato varieties to try

March is the time to find the widest selection of tomato varieties at nurseries, garden centers and online retailers. Here are some worth checking out, according to Dave Freed, a Cypress-based tomato gardener. Heirloom Brandywine: has large pink to red beefsteak-size fruits; a perennial tomato gardener favorite. Black Krim: has …

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Kinnow exports amid sliding currencies

AS the kinnow export season officially commences from tomorrow, exporters dread bad times ahead owing to the damage done to some top-quality crop by the weather and the possible absence of a strong appetite in traditional export markets. Hailstorms have hit the core kinnow belt — Sargodha division — as …

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Growth Issue of Pomegranate Plant

Q. I planted a pomegranate in my garden three years ago. It does bear fruit but the plant itself has not increased in size. What is wrong? A. It is possible that the plant roots are restricted and, if so, this can cause ‘dwarfing’ or perhaps you purchased a dwarf …

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Growing Stevia

Climatic requirements A subtropical plant with optimum temperature requirement ranging from 18 to 30 C0 should be protected when night time temperature fall below the range. Very high and very low temperature may stress transplant in addition to affecting leaf stevioside contents. In colder areas, Stevia should be planted after …

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