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Horticulture Industry

Can we grow grapes in Punjab?

emerging trend of viticulture in Punjab, Pakistan/ feasibility of viticulture (grape production) in Punjab, Pakistan/ government initiatives for promoting viticulture in Punjab.    Grapes are not new to Pakistan they are being cultivated from decades on about 13000 hectares and annual production is about 49 thousand tons, most of the acreage …

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Mushroom Cultivation

Mushrooms:  Although mushrooms are classified as vegetables but mushrooms belong to the kingdom Fungi and are actually fungi which bear a distinctive fruiting body and they are large enough to be seen with naked eye and can be picked by hand. Some mushrooms may be unpleasant and tasteless, but mushrooms …

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Tree growth characteristics and climate factors of different Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium L.) varieties under Murree Hills Conditions.

Cherry is a fleshy stone fruit belongs to genus Prunus of family Rosaceae. Most of edible cherries are extracted from either Prunus avium, the wild cherry (sometimes called the sweet cherry), or from Prunus cerasus, the sour cherry. Annually total world production of cultivated cherry fruit during 2007 was about …

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Post harvest losses

                                                    In the world near about one-third of food grown never reaches to the plates of the consumer. The degradation in both quantity and quality of …

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citrus psylla and its control

Citrus is considered as one of the most important fruit crops being grown in pakistan. Citrus has a number of species. But in pakistan the most consuming and grown species locally known as Kinnow and Musambi. Citrus has earned its fame not merely being the substentially consumable commodity but it …

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Plants Protection from unfavorable conditions of the Earth by Different means created by the Humans with the help of Nature

Plant protection Plant protection is the science and practice of managing invertebrate pests and vertebrate pests, plant diseases, weeds and other pest organisms that damage agricultural crops and forestry. Plants and crops should be protected by different means biological means physical means chemical means quarantine means integrated management cultural means Crops should be protected from these ……. Diseases which …

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