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Food Industry

Health Effects of Coffee & Tea

A cup of coffee contains 275 mg of caffeine. Caffeine triggers the muscles to start using fat as an energy source rather than sugar. But caffeine has diuretic effect. Actually 300 mg caffeine (equilent to eight cups of coffee) in one sitting might have diuretic effect, but not if one …

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The looming food insecurity

The serious food, fuel and financial fluctuations of 2008, which bred food insecurity among the world’s poor and pushed over 30 million more down the poverty line, are returning to the world markets, says the World Bank. The bank has warned that grain prices, which are already either close to …

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Food has been the basic necessity of all living beings including mankind. In the earlier days of human history, man collected his food through hunting or gathering. Gradually he realized that these ways of fulfilling his dietary needs would not suffice, hence resorted to domestication of a selected number of …

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Why waste the waste

  The fruit and vegetable industry generates large volumes of solid waste. Organic materials are the main solid wastes, including discarded fruits and vegetables. Now a day, many industries simply dispose off the byproducts produced during the production processes, this is neither good for the environment, nor is it a …

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Ice cream Industry in Pakistan

Ice cream is a frozen desert made from a combination of milk products and eggs, sugar dextrose etc. here are small, medium and large manufacturers of ice cream in Pakistan. It has been estimated that total installed capacity for Punjab including recognized manufacturers, hotels, restaurant and unrecognized sector is about …

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