Crop Diseases

Rice Blast

The disease was first of all reported from China in 1637 and then in Japan in 1704. Presently, the disease is prevalent in almost all the rice growing countries of the world but is especially serious in humid areas. This has been considered as the most important disease affecting the …

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Gram Blight

Gram is an important and valuable crop particularly in the Barani tract of Pakistan. Blight is a serious disease of this crop in the North Western part of Punjab province. It frequently appears in an epidemic form and causes heavy losses. Total destruction of the crop has been reported in …

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Late Blight Of Potato

Potato is a native of Andes (South America), where this disease occurred in endemic form. The disease was recorded simultaneously in Europe and North America in 1830. It became very well established in Europe by 1842 and was one of the important causes of the great Irish famine in 1845 …

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