Crop Diseases

Bacterial Blight of Rice

Symptoms:The disease may induce either wilting of leaf blight. Wilting commonly appears sporadically in the field causing serious damage, and is known as “Kresek”. This is due to early systemic infection of from infected seeds and the bacterium brought in contact with the germinating seedlings. It commonly occurs within 3-4 …

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Angular Leaf Spot of Cotton

Symptoms:The disease appears on different parts of cotton plant, both in seedling and mature plant stage. The disease first appears on leaves, which appear water soaked, turn black and dry up often leaving the young seedling green with a black tip. Most of such plants die. In less severely affected …

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Citrus Canker

Symptoms:The disease appears on leaves, branches and fruits. The damage is particularly severe in young trees that may flush many angular shoots, resulting in significantly retarded growth or sometimes death of the affected plants. On young leaves small yellowish water soaked spots develop first on the lower surface and then …

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