Crop Diseases

Diseases Management of Crops

Quarantine: – The best way to control diseases is to exclude them from the area of sphere in which the host plants are being known. This method of exclusion enforced through certain legal measures is commonly known as quarantine. In India, Destructive Insects & Pests Act, was enacted in 1914. …

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Viral diseases of economic crops

The viruses are parasitic in nature and cause the most infectious group of diseases, of all forms of livings (including human being, animals and plants). The viruses are very small to that of all others and can not be seen with necked eye, nor with the help of commonly used …

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Diseases of Rice & their control

Riceis one of the leading food crops of the world, an important staple food and cash crop of Pakistan. It contributes 15 percent to the foreign exchange earnings. Its area under cultivation, production and yield per hectare also indicates its importance. This crop is very suitable, where other crops are …

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