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Whats is most efficient irrigation method?

Any living organism cannot live without water. Water is an important constituent of any cell either it is a plant cell or animal cell. Plant cell constitutes of 80-90% water but the percentage of water varies in different parts of plant. Water has physiological and ecological importance. It is not …

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 Water Conservation in the Pakistan

            Nature is very kind to every living organism. It bestows a lot of things to all living beings.  Different kind of foods, vegetables, fruits, meat, milk and milk products etc. given to all. But among all these are the most precious and essential is …

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Every drop counts for crop production

Every living organism requires water for its sustainable development and survival. Unfortunately, day to day water is escalating down to scarcity. Presently, Pakistan is rated amongst the water stress countries where per capita water availability is less than 1600m3 per annum, but by the year 2035 water availability should be …

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