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   Role of Organic Farming In Insect Control

                               Introduction:                                    A method or sustainable technique for crop and livestock production which involves enhancement of natural fertility of land besides avoiding the use of synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, genetic engineering products and growth hormones. This is …

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Insects can understand…?

Insects can understand…? In the very first, in our mind the question arises that what insect can understand…? Yes of course insect can understand everything. Insects can understand each and every thing as well as humans and other animals. If we talk about honey bees whenever worker honey bees go …

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insect act as a carrier for transmission of virus

Insects are a source of transmission of plant viruses it depends upon four components. Availability of virus in the diseased source plant, and susceptibility of healthy plants used as indicators of transmission, transmitting ability of vector, trainability of virus. Better plants are selected for the source of virus and indicators …

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