Insects can understand…?

Insects can understand…?

In the very first, in our mind the question arises that what insect can understand…? Yes of course insect can understand everything. Insects can understand each and every thing as well as humans and other animals. If we talk about honey bees whenever worker honey bees go out for searching of new source of food and when they find it they go back to their colony and perform some special body movements as like dance or secrete some pheromones which can easily understandable by the other honey bees.

I think it is the war of survival of insects in the world so as, they do different activities and in this war of survival, and they are being successful.

Insects can understand their enemies easily if you want to catch some insects it will fly away, jump away, or hide themselves anywhere so that they protect themselves from enemies. If we talk about ants they have some guard ants, their task is to warn other insects and protect their colony from the attack of other insects. Some insects release some chemicals which act as repellents for other insects and birds as insects understand their predators that they like soft bodied insects so some insects modify their body and produce hard exoskeleton to protect them e.g. beetles, by understanding the nature of their enemies they spray some toxins also. Wasps and some ants also bite its enemies whenever they disturb them.

Insects have a high power of adoptability in environment to their survival in world. Different environmental factors e.g. we take temperature, change in temperature they feel that there is cool temperature or hot and they move to save themselves understanding temperature…same as climatic conditions they feels and in winter they hibernate to protect themselves and vice versa in summer….!!!

Insects modify themselves understanding the human cleverness…they become resistant to a pesticide because it evolves physiological changes that protect it from the chemical. In some cases, a pest may gain an increased number of copies of a gene, allowing it to produce more of a protective enzyme that breaks down the pesticide into less toxic chemicals.

In habitat insects have their special colonies and groups and they have a plan to store food to fulfill their requirements, e.g. ants store food and use it when the environment is not suitable to get food more…Insect also understand that when they have to do migration…they migrate to other place when they found that there is no food or is being difficult to live in that place, habitat or community where they are living so they move to new place for food and shelter.

In naturally insects can understand everything due to beauty of nature… but we are thinking that in artificial environments they can understand something?? Yes of course in our modern way of technology we have control artificially on insects as to benefits ourselves… as like we are rearing of honey bees for the production of honey… the phenomenon behind it is that we have made such chemical pheromones which attracts the insects to make together we provide it artificially to the insects to make their colonies, and make them together for production of honey…!
In last we will say that insects also become modern as humans so they understand everything that we have not to think.


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Muhammad Wasim Akram*

Department of Entomology, UOS


Department of Entomology, UOS

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Department of Soil Science, UOS

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Department of  Food Science, GCUF,Sahiwal

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Department of Entomology, Uos

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