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Culprit Behind Unchecked Angiogenesis Identified

Max Planck researchers have unraveled a critical regulatory mechanism controlling blood vessel growth that might help solve drug resistance problems in the future. Angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels, is a complex process during which different signalling proteins interact with each other in a highly coordinated fashion. The growth …

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Scientists Clone ‘Survivor’ Elm Trees

Scientists at the University of Guelph have found a way to successfully clone American elm trees that have survived repeated epidemics of their biggest killer — Dutch elm disease. The breakthrough, published March 29 in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research, is the first known use of in vitro culture technology …

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Warm Weather Puts Trees On Fast Forward

Unseasonably high temperatures have coaxed pollen from American elm trees, delicate green flowers from spicebush shrubs and a cloud of deep pink flowers from red maples, heralding the unusually early arrival of spring in central New York and reflecting a phenomenon happening across the eastern United States. Trees and many …

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One Solution to Global Overfishing Found

A study by the Wildlife Conservation Society, ARC Centre for Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and other groups on more than 40 coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans indicates that “co-management” — a collaborative arrangement between local communities, conservation groups, and governments — provides a solution to a …

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