Pak Agri Outlook

Growing castor for oil extraction

CASTOR plant, locally known as ‘arind’, is grown in warm temperate and tropical areas of the world. The plant has been cultivated for centuries for oil produced by its seeds. The Egyptians burned castor oil in their lamps more than 4,000 years ago. The oil was used thousands of years …

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Moringa Plantation Practices

Moringa Plantation Methods Moringa oleifera, locally called as “Sohanjna”, a member of family Moringaceae, is a divine gift bestowed to the mankind for its extra ordinary morphological, physiological and nutritional attributes. It is a widely populated plant which is native to India and Pakistan and is being cultivated around the …

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Agriculture Resource Management

There is a wide gap between actual and potential yield of different crops. For wheat, rice, sugar cane, cotton, maize and edible oil, this gap is 72, 84, 74, 56, 73, 86 and 77 per cent, respectively. In respect of yield per hectare, Pakistan ranks 8th in wheat, 9th in …

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