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Fertilizer Industry

Negative Effects of Chemical Fertilizers

                 Negative Effect of Synthetic Fertilizers   “Fertilizer is good for the father and bad for the sons.” –Dutch saying What Is Fertilizer? Fertilizer is any substance used to add nutrients to the soil to promote soil fertility and increase plant growth. Unfortunately, as unsustainable farming and gardening practices continue …

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Sulfur cycle?

BIOCHEMICAL TRANSFORMATION OF SULFUR SULFUR  Sulfur cycle is similar to the nitrogen cycle. Both of these elements exist in a number of oxidation states and undergo similar type of chemical reactions and biological transformations. The majority of S is found in the lithosphere. Most nitrogen on earth is also in …

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Bio-fertilizers and Crop Productivity

The word ‘bio’ stands for ‘life’ and ‘fertilizer’ means ‘a product which provide nutrients in plant usable form’. Bio-fertilizers are those organic products which contain cells of living micro-organism that enhance the growth and productivity of crop through biological processes. Pakistan is an agro-based country, mainly dependent on agricultural foodstuffs …

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