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Pakistan’s food security

Pakistan’s agriculture sector is a mainstay of its economy and is critical to future improvements in economic growth, employment, food security and poverty reduction. Over the past decade, an unstable political and security environment has slowed investment and caused the loss of human life and human capital, while major natural …

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Food contamination from pesticides

Food contamination from pesticides Ingestion of pesticides through contaminated food supplies is a cause of concern for almost every one.This was most serious at the time when persistent insecticides, (organ chlorines) were commonly used on crops. There are many examples of pesticide poisoning through food (Hayes 1982). In Pakistan, very little …

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Performance study of Different Direct Solar Dryers

Performance study of Different Direct Solar Dryers written by . Syed Mudabbar  Hussain Shah, The Author is final year student of B.Sc (Hons.) in Food Engineering Department of Food Engineering University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.   In a direct solar dryer, the moisture of the product to be dried is taken away by the direct …

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Why MAP Packaging is Prefer over other Packaging?

       In the MAP process, there are different systems that have been developed for different food requirements. Vacuum Packaging  Vacuum packaging involves the removal of air, particularly oxygen, to create a vacuum to prevent oxidation. Oxidation refers to chemical reactions that occur in the presence of oxygen, for …

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