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Offspring With Genes from Only One Parent

The discovery came out of a chance observation in the lab that could easily have been written off as an error. “We were doing completely ‘blue skies’ research, and we discovered something that is immediately useful,” said Simon Chan, assistant professor of plant biology at UC Davis and co-author on …

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Beetles Play an Important Role in Reducing Weeds

Research confirms a long-held belief by scientists that ground beetles play a role in weed control. Dr David Bohan, Rothamsted Research, who led the research, said “seed predation by naturally occurring beetles in farmland does have a beneficial effect, reducing weed numbers in fields and potentially improving agricultural productivity.”

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Biotechnology, a new horizon for crop improvement

  Man is almost absolutely dependent on plants for his food. Plants are also the major source, directly or indirectly, of most clothing, fuel, drugs, and construction materials. Considering the prime improvement of plants, it is not surprising that man have long been concerned with developing types better suited to …

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