Saturday , July 22 2017
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Recent Researches

Five New Species of Cuckoo Bees from the Cape Verde Islands

The biota of island archipelagos is of considerable interest to biologists. These isolated areas often act as ‘evolutionary laboratories’, spawning biological diversity rapidly and permitting many mechanisms to be observed and studied over relatively short periods of time. Such islands are often the places of new discoveries, including the documentation …

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Sunbathing Helps These Bugs Stay Healthy

Sunbathing may be healthy — at least for one group of North American insects that apparently uses the activity to fight off germs, Simon Fraser University scientists have found. Western Boxelder bugs (WBB), found largely in B.C. interior regions, are known to group together in sunlit patches and while there, …

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Native Landscaping in Urban Areas Can Help Native Birds

A recent study of residential landscape types and native bird communities in Phoenix, Ariz., led by a University of Massachusetts Amherst urban ecologist suggests that yards mimicking native vegetation and wildlands offer birds “mini refuges,” helping to offset the loss of biodiversity in cities and supporting birds better than traditional …

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