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Pesticide Industry

Role of Forests in Carbon Sequestration

                                 First of all we should know about the carbon sequestration that is commonly called carbon capture. Carbon sequestration is the climate engineering technique for the long term store or storage of carbon, atmospheric carbon dioxide …

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Food contamination from pesticides

Food contamination from pesticides Ingestion of pesticides through contaminated food supplies is a cause of concern for almost every one.This was most serious at the time when persistent insecticides, (organ chlorines) were commonly used on crops. There are many examples of pesticide poisoning through food (Hayes 1982). In Pakistan, very little …

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Insects can understand…?

Insects can understand…? In the very first, in our mind the question arises that what insect can understand…? Yes of course insect can understand everything. Insects can understand each and every thing as well as humans and other animals. If we talk about honey bees whenever worker honey bees go …

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Are pesticides really Useful?

Talking about “To feed the world” Agriculture sectors flashes into our minds. Well it is crystal clear that Agriculture feeds the world. And I have also heard in one of the conferences held to provoke the sustainability of Agriculture that “if you feed, you are directly or indirectly involved in …

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Impact of Agrochemicals on the environment

This article will give us an idea on the environmental situation with regards to agrochemicals in Pakistan. It tells   the history and the present age of agrochemical usage. The problems of institutional bargain for agrochemical research and progress, and government policies and legislation regarding import, manufacture, registration, sale and distribution …

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