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Pesticide Industry

Farmer’s Led IPM in Pakistan

Introduction The Farmer Field School (FFS) approach evolved from the concept that optimal learning derives from experience – in the case of farmers, from observation in the field. The FFS integrates the domains of ecology and non-formal education to give farmers the opportunity to learn about their crop and to …

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Biopesticides: Dare Demand of the Hour

Pest is any organism that competes with man for his food and shelter and causes discomfort, inconvenience as well as economic loss. In ancient ages, when man realized the status of pest, he utilized all possible techniques based on every day observations and general experiences. In addition to natural control, …

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Dangers of Bt cotton in South Asia and China

South Asia ride high on the success of genetically modified Bt cotton for almost a decade. But a new research from China has warned of some damaging consequences of the genetically modified cotton variety in South Asia. Bt cotton kills cotton pest, bollworm, without any insecticides. But, the absence of …

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Registration of Pesticide Market

  To apply for Registration of Pestisides, click on the following links to download covering letter and application forms. Covering Letter Agriculture Pesticide Ordinance Application for Registration of Pesticide Manufacturing / Formulation Plant Application for Registration of Pesticide Re-Filling/Re-Packing Unit Requirement of Form 16 and 17 Application for the Import …

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