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Biopesticides: Dare Demand of the Hour

Pest is any organism that competes with man for his food and shelter and causes discomfort, inconvenience as well as economic loss. In ancient ages, when man realized the status of pest, he utilized all possible techniques based on every day observations and general experiences. In addition to natural control, …

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Moringa Plantation Practices

Moringa Plantation Methods Moringa oleifera, locally called as “Sohanjna”, a member of family Moringaceae, is a divine gift bestowed to the mankind for its extra ordinary morphological, physiological and nutritional attributes. It is a widely populated plant which is native to India and Pakistan and is being cultivated around the …

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Floriculture in Pakistan – A SWOT analysis

Introduction Pakistan is a country of small farming households, where, floriculture is the best option of enhancing the income of the under privileged. Introduction to the floriculture crop could be an important intervention in this regard where the farmer can earn much more by exploiting available natural resources more efficiently. …

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Dangers of Bt cotton in South Asia and China

South Asia ride high on the success of genetically modified Bt cotton for almost a decade. But a new research from China has warned of some damaging consequences of the genetically modified cotton variety in South Asia. Bt cotton kills cotton pest, bollworm, without any insecticides. But, the absence of …

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