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A Brief about Farming Systems in Pakistan

INTRODUCTION  A farming system is an established way to operate a piece of land to raise crops, livestock or both and includes everything done on farm and outside the farm related to farm operations. ———————————————————– OUTLINE OF THE TOPIC a)…

Production Technology of Fodder Crops

Lucern Technical name                   Medicago sativa. Varities                               Type-8, Type-9, Synthetic-79. Seed Rate                           3-4 kg/acre Sowing Time                      Mid October-Mid November. Harvesting Time                 8 cuttings-1st after 80-90 days.

Production Technology of Green Manure

Guara Technical name                   Cyanopsis tetragonoloba. Seed Rate                           Green manure: 8-10 kg/ acre Fodder:                               12-13 kg/acre Sowing Time                      April-July. Harvesting Time                 Burrying 45-60 days after sowing.

Production Technology of Pulses or Grain Legumes

Gram or Chick pea Technical name                   Cicer arietinum. Varities                               CM-72,C-77, PJ-91, Noor-91, Pb-1. Seed Rate                           20-25 kg/ acre Sowing Time                       Irrigated Areas: Early Oct-Nov. Barani Areas: October Harvesting Time                 Last Wek of March to 1st Week of April.

Production Technology of Oil Seed Crops

Rapeseed Technical name                   Brassica campestris. Varities                               Toria, Sarson, DGL. Seed Rate                           1.5-2 kg/ acre Sowing Time                      October-November Harvesting Time                 When 60% pods are brown.