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Indoor plants have become increasingly popular as decorative assets, particularly in city homes where outside greenery is scarce. An amazing variety of foliage now blooms in homes. Flowering plants, evergreens, shrubs, small trees, even palms, cactus and succulents

Jujube: Apple of the desert

Jujube or ber is cultivated all over the drier parts of the Indo-Pak subcontinent for its fresh fruits, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, because of this reason jujube is called “apple of the desert”.

Mango crop outlook this year

According to horticulturist, Mohammad Rafiq of Sindh Horticulture Research Institute (SHRI), Mirpurkhas, mango is grown on 146,965 acres in the province and last year’s production stood at 378,977 tons.

Grapefruit – A Marvellous Fruit

The name grapefruit is probably derived from the fact that the fruits commonly occur in small clusters, rather singly. The original significance of the name of this important fruit is obscure. The fruit is borne in bunches and therefore, it…