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Livestock Industry


533.534.535.In cases of acute intoxication with propane butane (due to damage in heating appliances where propane-butane is used as energy source for heating), asphyxia, cyanosis of the featherless skin, pulmonary oedema and subcapsular haemorrhages in the liver are observed.   536.Stasis in the right half of the heart, overfilling of …

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Documentation of ethno-veterinary practices

The Ethno-veterinary medicine (¬EVM¬¬¬¬) is a system of cure and treatment of animals, based on folk beliefs, traditional knowledge, skills, methods and practices, which are handed down orally from generations to generations. EVM is very popular among poor farmers of the developing world and now gaining popularity in the developed …

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Endoparasitic threats to layer industry in Punjab

During the last few decades, poultry production has become an important sector of the livestock economy worldwide. In Pakistan, every rural family and almost every 5th urban family is associated with poultry production. According to a survey report, about 66 per cent of Pakistan natives are deficient in their proteins …

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Weekly Overview: New Year, Same Challenges?

  A new year has begun but the old challenges have not gone away, writes Jackie Linden. The US food safety agency has been criticised for its handling of an outbreak of foodborne disease apparently emanating from one poultry processing plant. In the EU, there will be greater responsibility for …

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Pakistan’s Poultry Industry; Most Vibrant Sector

PAKISTAN – The nation’s poultry industry involves 1.5 million people and accounts for almost 10 per cent of livestock growth, according to a leading academic in Lahore. Lahore University’s Veterinary and Animal Science Vice Chancellor, Professor Talat Naseer Pasha, has said that poultry is the most vibrant sector in Pakistan …

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The Phenomenon of ‘Silver Backing’ in Free-range Hens

Brown-feathered hens in Australia have been observed to conduct pecking behaviour that removes the coloured part of the feather, leaving behind its white base, giving rise to a ‘silver-back’ appearance. Mingan Choct (University of New England) and Michael Sommerlad (Poultry Works Consultancy) explore possible causes of this phenomenon in the …

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