Agrihunt needs you

In April 2009 I thought to put my agricultural informational bank online, so I thought to start this website I thought in few years this web will sustain but until today it is not a sustainable project.

I ask myself why I keep running this project, I have a simple answer that Agrihunt is my little contribution for my homeland. From this plate forum I dare to start many project, Agrihunt Scholarship, Agrihunt books, Fruit for life, Jazba Radio, digital version of Life sciences international Journal. But all these projects are never completed, Junaid Hafeez started scholarship project, we awarded few scholarships but we could not sustain this project? I always had an opinion that we will give scholarship to the person who will contribute to this plate forum and will pay back when he will be successful. In fruit for life project we have planted 7-8000 fruit trees and we will be keep planting at our own. We have tried to raise awareness among people to plant or adopt a fruit tree, but still we are not able to make it a movement.

To run a scientific journal even without being a scientist is a biggest challenge so I was never able to make a team that can run this old journal digitally.

Among one of our collaboration a free school project is working very well, currently we have 152 students but all credit goes to Dr. Binyameen who is working very hard to sustain this project. And we have bunch of people who are contributing for this project.


It’s almost 9 years now, but Agrihunt is not working very well, there are days when I feel unsatisfied with the pace it going on, but being out of mainstream its way difficult to cope up what’s going on in agricultural landscape of Pakistan.

I need your advice to run this project, kindly spare little moment to help advice, how should be run it? What should we focus? Or should we leave it? As this website is not contributing anymore? If no then please I need some helping hands to run this project. Would you be our next volunteer editor? Or helping hand? Anything you want to contribute, even a single piece of article do it for agriculture and do it for me.


Yours sincerely

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

Founder of