How GMOs can be harmful for health?

How GMOs can be harmful for health?

Man has introduced GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) by modifying genetic of plants and animals. First GMOs was E. coli bacteria, appears in market in 1994 for the production of insulin. Its production was possible by genetic engineering. GMOs are also called transgenic organisms. Recently GMOs foods have become very popular in developed country. Almost all major crops and a few animals have been modified genetically. Bt cotton, a good example of GMOs was introduced in united states in 1993. GMOs has increased yield in many crops, produced resistance from diseases and insect/pests.

Toxicity in nutrition, organ damage and gene transfer are the major cause of GMOs foods. Gastrointestinal disorders have been increased before 50 years by eating gluten of GMOs food products. Constipation and celiac ailment and couple of the numerous intestinal issues that are ordinary today are due to GMOs food. Glyphosate is a herbicide utilized as a part of GM harvests, has been appeared to disturb intestinal microflora and enhance the development of destructive bacterial strains.  These foods also changes mood and behavior. Human are suffering from harmful protein in body causing allergy by eating GMOs food. According to American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) patients should use non-GMO diets. These foods have low nutritional values than traditional foods.

Along with increasing yield by producing resistance in cotton plant against pathogens, Bt cotton has been caused a sever damage. Those enzymes that are helpful in digestion decreased after utilization of GMO foods. Studies showed that Celiac disease is increasing by GMO crops as these contain glyphosate and Bt-poison so harms microvilli in the intestinal tract. By eating GMO foods body produce resistant in bacteria against anti-biotics by creating anti-biotic resistant genes. Canada has successfully identified the presence of pesticides residues in GM foods in maternal, fetal and non-pregnant women’s blood.

Once sheep, buffalo and goats in India died after grazing on Bt cotton plants after harvest due to poor health and reproductive problems. Cows, water buffaloes, chickens and horses died from eating Bt corn varieties in Europe and Asia. United States proved that fodder of Bt corn varieties caused widespread sterility in pigs and cows. During Bt cotton pollination about five villages in Philippine fell sick. When rats fed GM potatoes, it caused excessive cell growth cause cancer of damaged organs and destroyed immune systems. GMO crops affect fertility or embryos during gestation when studied on rates.

Keeping in view above mentioned harmful effects of GMOs we should avoid excessive consumption of GM food. GMOs are becoming banned in most of the nations. As GM food has decreased food security problems so there is always a threshold level that we have to adopt in production and consumption.

By Mujahid Ali (NCSU, US), Dr. H. Nazar Faried (MNS Uni.Agri. Multan)


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