Nanotechnology and Agriculture

The production of crops by natural method is an open system where both energy and matters are exchanges easily by directly related to environment. Agriculture is the considered as the back bone of developed countries as it provides food for human beings , it provide feed to animals ,as well as it is the basic source of fuel and fiber for the industry. Agriculture is the basic source of foreign exchange for the developed countries. So the both quality and quantity of crops is matter for a country.

What is nanotechnology?

  • Nanotechnology is considered as a science, or a type of engineering, or categorized under the branch of technology on a specific nanoscale range from 1 to 100 nanometers.
  • In simple words, nanotechnology is the study and application of very small things.
  • Nanotechnology have the ability to control the smallest particles(atoms).
  • The branch of technology which deals with the dimensions of smallest particles are considered as nano-science or nanotechnology.
  • Branch of engineering which deals with the manufacturing of smallest particles are considered as nanotechnology.
  • Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field which cover engineering, agriculture (food production system) into one.
  • Art of manipulating the smallest particles

Nanotechnology and Agriculture:

Nanotechnology is used in agriculture to reduce the losses of soil fertility, to reduce the use of different products for the plant protection, for the management of nutrients in the soil and ultimately yield increased.

Nanotechnology helps to detect the disease of plant in a standing crop. There are different instruments and tools which is act as disease detector, also enhance the nutrients for the crop plant, such as:

  • Capsules which is made by Nano-particles, also known as Nano-capsules.
  • Nano-particles
  • Viral capsids etc.How we can use nanotechnology in agriculture:

    Nanotechnology create the changes at cell level which increase the agriculture production and helps to improve the food industry in a wonderful way.

    Nano-technology can be used in field during the production of crops at different stages. There are different type of sensors which can be used to in the field, like:

    • Air and soil sensors
    • Crop sensors etc.

    Air and soil sensors:

    These type of sensors can be used in the field to determine the soil moisture contents in the soil, nutrient availability etc.

    Crop sensors:

    The crop sensors helps to tell the correct amount of nutrients required by crop, and it also identify that plant which required nutrients.

    • Optical sensors or
    • Drone sensors

    These sensors can be used as a crop sensors.

    Nanotechnology helps in different jobs like:

    • Detect the pathogen contamination

    It helps to modify the packaging of agriculture products without contamination. Nano sensors helps to detect the pathogen more effectively then the human nose does.

    • Improve the taste of food
    • Improve the quality of food

    Nanotechnology helps in  the replacement of oil with water. These type of food can helps to expand the life span of food.

    • Helps in preservation of food
    • Different pesticides, fertilizers formation for plant protection


    • It is much expensive
    • Not useful for small land holders.
    • Expertise required ,can not used by every person.


    Nanotechnology is much useful for the crop production. It can helps in the quality as well as it improve the quantity of crop yield. But the use of it required much expertise and it is much expensive. In Pakistan, the use of nanotechnology is still under processed.

    Written by:  Khadija Tehseen Arshad


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