Insects and their Products Scientifically used as a Medicines to Cure Human Diseases

Authors: Umar Niaz1, Burhan Ahmad2, Kamran Qamar 3 M. Umar
Javed and Iqra Department of Entomology University of Agriculture
Faisalabad, Pakistan.
Corresponding Author: Umar Niaz*

Insects are a tracheate organisms have segmented body and divided into three
regions (Head, Thorax and Abdomen). They are found on earth in huge population than any other
creation. In insects, some species are very harmful to agricultural production and storage of grains.
But there are some species of insects which are beneficial for human beings as a food, predators,
medicines, pollinators, silk, honey and other various products. Recent researches have been proved
that some insects are very useful as a medicines to cure human diseases, and other treatments.
Previous researches have been proved that analgesic, immunological, anesthetic, antibacterial,
anesthetic, and ant rheumatic qualities in the bodies of insects. Researches have been described
that the therapeutic potential of insects, traditional medicinal practices and their products at the
research laboratory. Approximately 5000 free maggots delivered to hospitals for treatment every
week. In Africa, the WHO estimates that $20 billion will be required to exchange the deficiency
of 800, 00 conventional health care workers by 2015. In worldwide, arthropods potentially provide
an inexpensive and abundant source of curing ingredients in an economically challenged world.
Destruction of Cancer Cells:
Cancer cells can be destroy through Social wasps (Polybia paustais).Social wasps
Some Species of Insects are used as a Pain Killer:
Silkworms: A substance Serrapeptase which is present in bacteria that are found in digestive
system of silkworm. This substance is used as a medicine for pain relief, arthritis, back pain and
sport injuries. They are also source of Serratia E15 which are used as a medicine to prevent heart
diseases for men.
Ants: In ants, Devil species are used as a chemicals to cure Arthritis patients. They are very
ancient ants that have not specific name. These chemical which are produced by ants injected into
patients. Venom of ants are very useful treatment against joints pain and inflammation.
Approximately 3000 year ago, Mandibles of soldiers ants used for stitching of wounds
Honey Bees:
They and their products are very useful against various diseases such as arthritis. Bee
venom is used scientifically in medicines for human diseases.
BVT (Bee Venom Therapy) in this therapy bee venom consists of large quantity of enzymes,
peptides, glucocorticoids and other various curative ingredients. BVT also useful for treatments of
rheumatoid arthritis disease.
Grasshoppers: Previous researches have been proved that nervous system of grasshoppers are
similar with human nervous system. Toxins are used as a cure for pain in humans. Some scientists
suggested that poultice of grasshoppers are used to treat the Migraine disease.
They are used as a treatment for those patients which are attacked by flesh eating
bacteria. They are also used to cure burn treatments and staph infections. Maggots can be also used
in forensic investigations on dead body of human beings. Maggots of blow flies are the first species
which attack firstly on corpse. When blow flies attack on corpse then they lay eggs and maggots
emerge from eggs, these maggots contain a special compound “Allantoin” which are used to cure
the wounds. Now a days maggots directly inserted into open cut, this process called “Maggot
Debridement Therapy”
Green Tree Ants:
These ants are used for headaches and clean to wounds. In Australia Aborigines drink
mixtures of these ants after crushing their dead bodies.
Brain of Cockroaches:
They are used as an antibiotics for treatments of various human diseases, because they
contain strong antibiotic which can eliminate E.coli and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus
aureus (MIRSA) infections.
Caterpillar fungus (Old Chinese Medicine):
These are used to provide relaxation, energy. They also used as medicine to overcome
stress and various diseases attack.
Cochineal beetles:
There are very ugliest insects on the earth. They are used in alcohol for remedies of
cough, urinary Asthma and tract infections.


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