ANALYSIS:Quality of crop may be affected by rain

Heavy rain received throughout Sindh and light rain in Punjab in cotton growing areas of both the province as result of this there is a risk of pest attack in these areas.
Punjab agriculture department has warned grower to keep an eye on any pest attack in the shape of white fly and army bollworm.
The areas including Multan, Pakpattan, Sahiwal, Bhawalpur and Bhawalnagar are at high risk of army bollworm attack. The possibilities of pest attack by pink bollworm can not be ignored in above mentioned areas.
Whenever there is a rainfall at crucial time of the crop there would be a danger of pest attack which deteriorates the quality and quantity also as disease affected plants can not produce quality cotton due to yellow stain and spot.
The rain and winds may lead to shedding which may affect the quality of cotton adversely. Weather forecast for cotton growing areas is bright and sunny for coming days and we hope favourable condition would take place.
The international price i.e. New York Future has declined during last few weeks ,the impact of this always come to our domestic price because there is no restriction on export and import of cotton. As a result our domestic price is slashed to RS 1,900 for a mound (37.324kgs)
Pakistan cotton ginners now urging for provide shelter to ginners and growers by maximum procurement by TCP, in this regard TCP is submitting a proposal to extend the target above than 100,000 bales which government has fixed, a summary to be presented in ECC meeting suggesting the formation of committee representing commerce. minfal and finance ministries.
TCP has claimed to have contracts for 70,000 bales of cotton from ginners at RS 2,159 per mound for grade 3,staple length1-1/32.The role TCP has become ineffective as despite its entry in the market price is falling continuously
According to recognized statement as on 1st, October 2004 by Pakistan cotton ginner’s association reports total arrival in ginneries in Pakistan is 2,174,206 bales as compare to 1,169,557 of same period during last year has been recorded.
There is an increase of almost 100% as compare to last year.

The production of Sindh and Punjab with their top three districts is as follows

751,917                 470,460

SANGHAR            418,510
HYDERABAD        85,706
NAWAB SHAH      79,382

1,422,289             699,092

VEHARI          209,632
SAHIWAL       148,854
KHANEWAL   140,661

The picking of upper Sindh and lower Punjab is now in full momentum and these district like Rahimyar khan, Bhawalpur, Multan, Sukkur and Ghotki always produce highest amount of cotton in Pakistan.
Despite the rain in last week the indication is there, to have bumper crop equal to local textile consumption which is 21.5 Million bales.

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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