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To apply for Registration of Pestisides, click on the following links to download covering letter and application forms.

Formulation Codes

The following standard codes are used. For further details, see Catalogue of Pesticide Formulation Types and International Coding System, Technical monograph No. 2, 4th Edition, April 1999; CropLife International, Brussels.

ABGrain bait
AEAerosol dispenser
ALAny other liquid
APAny other powder
BBBlock bait
CBBait concentrate
CFCapsule Suspension for Seed Treatment
CGEncapsulated granule
CLContact liquid or gel
CPContact powder
CSCapsule suspension
DCDispersible concentrate
[DLDriftless formulation]#
DPDispersible powder
DSPowder for dry seed treatment
DTTablet for direct application
ECEmulsifiable concentrate
EDElectrochargeable liquid
EGEmulsifiable granule
EOEmulsion, water in oil
ESEmulsion for seed treatment
EWEmulsion, oil in water
FDSmoke tin
FGFine granule
FKSmoke candle
FPSmoke cartridge
FRSmoke rodlet
FSFlowable concentrate for seed treatment
FTSmoke tablet
FUSmoke generator
FWSmoke pellet
GBGranular bait
GEGas generating product
GFGel for Seed Treatment
GLEmulsifiable gel
GWWater soluble gel
HNHot fogging concentrate
KKCombi-pack solid/liquid
KLCombi-pack liquid / liquid
KNCold fogging concentrate
KPCombi-pack solid/solid
LSSolution for seed treatment
OFOil miscible flowable concentrate (oil miscible suspension)
OLOil miscible liquid
OPOil dispersible powder
PBPlate bait
PCGel or paste concentrate
PRPlant rodlet
PSSeed coated with a pesticide
RBBait (ready for use)
SBScrap bait
SCSuspension concentrate (= flowable concentrate)
SGWater soluble granules
SLSoluble concentrate
SOSpreading oil
SPWater soluble powder
SSWater soluble powder for seed treatment
STWater soluble tablet
SUUltra-low volume (ULV) suspension
TCTechnical material
TKTechnical concentrate
TPTracking powder*
ULUltra-low volume (ULV) liquid
VPVapour releasing product
WGWater dispersible granules
WPWettable powder
WSWater dispersible powder for slurry seed treatment
WTWater dispersible tablet

* Discontinued term; see CP.
# Japan; not a CropLife International code

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