Sugarcane Variety Thatta–10

Sugarcane in Pakistan is grown on an area of about 1.00 Mha with annual production of 3.00 m tonnes of sugar. The national sugar production is very low compared with the domestic sugar requirement. The role of high potential varieties in sugarcane production cannot be ignored. The present varieties are progressively loosing their potential due to multiple factors. Therefore, a large number of sugarcane varieties have been imported from different countries of world and are annually tested for their performance under Pakistan conditions.


Technology Development, Demonstration and Recommendation.
A new sugarcane variety Thatta-10 was developed by National Sugar Crops Research Institute, Thatta, PARC. The variety was approved by the Provincial Seed Council in 2004 for cultivation in Sindh. Thatta-10 has been developed from the fuzz of local variety and possesses the potential of producing 1200-2000 Mds cane per acre and sugar recovery of about 14%. Data obtained in different areas have revealed Thatta-10 gives 30 percent more cane yield and contains 20% more sugar content.


The Technology
Two sowing seasons i.e., autumn and spring are suitable for cultivation of variety. The autumn sugarcane (growing season 10th September to 30th October) gives 10-25% more sugarcane yields than spring season. For sowing, the 1.25 meter apart furrows should be made and 2-3 budded sets be placed in the furrows by over lapping method and then covered with 2 to 3 inches soil. The recommended dose of fertilizer is 100 kg N, 50 – 60 kg P2O5 and K2O (i.e., 4 bags of Urea two bags of DAP and two bags of MOP or SOP). At sowing time full dose of P and K should be incorporated in the soil. The N fertilizer must be applied in two split doses. For controlling of pests, the cultural practices should be adopted properly. On the severity of insect pests and dieses adequate chemical control measures must be taken. For management of the ratoon crop the crop should be harvested along with soil. Remaining husk straw etc may be ploughed in the filed.


Key References
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