Say no to soft drinks

As the trend of usage of soft drinks is increasing throughout the world as well as in Pakistan .In our country carbonated and noncarbonated beverages are in latest trend and in severe case people are addicted to use these products that are easily available in market at affordable prices. Consumers are only concerned with taste and flavor of these drinks but are not well aware of their side effects. Here are discussed some adverse effects of these products that let you know about the health hazards of their usage,

> Soft drinks are major reason for obesity .the weight gain is directly related to the amount of soft drink that a person takes in. with every single can people unintentionally add many extra calories to their body weight

> Excessive use of soft drinks can cause diabetes. People add large amount of sugar in their body in every sip. Habitual intake can lead to ineffective insulin production from pancreas which effect sugar level in body that further lead to diabetes

> This frequent consumption of soft drinks impairs calcification of bones in children and also weaken the bones in adults also somehow a reason of osteoporosis.

> They are the cause of tooth decay. study reveal that the pH of carbonated beverage is about 3 to 4 that can dissolve the enamel of teeth people should avoid their use between meals to avoid dental caries

> Soft drinks contain phosphoric acid that compete hydrochloric acid in stomach and cause trouble in digestion .it also effect stomach working that cause indigestion

> Soft drinks cause excess urination from body and also it contain sugar and caffeine that are dehydrating agents cause water loss from body

> Soft drinks have caffeine content, that cause irritability, restlessness, tension, high blood pressure, excessive urination and also other side effects. some studies show that they are also damaging for liver

> Sweetener used is aspartame that 200 times more sweet than normal sugar that is also badly effect health

You can replace these soft drinks with fruit juices and their nectar that are better options and are not damaging in the same way. Whenever you turn toward the refrigerator to satiate your thirst with a can of soft drink, make sure you remind yourself of all the side effects that gulping down the beverage will bring forth

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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