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  • Light: Full sun to part shade
    Shade: Tolerates deep shade
    Moisture: Medium moisture soils
    pH: prefers an acidic to fairly neutral soil (5.5-6.5), but can tolerate very acidic soils

    Special Considerations for Growing: 
    Salal has a combination of traits that let it fill a unique niche in the Forest Garden. A difficult spot to fill is often under conifers, but the acidic soil and shade is where Salal will thrive.

    Propagation: Typically by seed – requires 4-17 weeks cold stratification (depending on the source of information). Can be propagated by cuttings or more commonly by splitting the new plants that develop from the runners.

    Takes a little care to get young plants established as they are more frost susceptible, but once established, the only maintenance will be cutting back the runners from where you do not want them to grow. A mature patch of plants will try to expand at a rate of about 1 foot (30 cm) per year. This is easy to maintain and keep in bounds.

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