Preparation of Lemon Squash

Fruit Juice Squash:

This consists essentially of strained juice containing moderate quantities of fruit pulp to which cane sugar is added for sweetening. The minimum juice content in squash shall be 25% in final products. The most common juice sugar ratio is 1:1.5. The ratio can be increased up to 1:2. above this ratio it proves uneconomical.


Lemon fruits or juice, sugar, water, glass bottles, citric acid.

Procedure of Preparation of Lemon Squash:

1. Select lemon fruits preferably Kagzi lime, fully ripe, pleasing yellow in colour and free from diseases.

2. Wash the fruits thoroughly and cut into halves with sharp stainless steel knife and remove the skin.

3. Extract the juice with lime squeezer and strain the juice through a coarse muslin cloth to discard the seeds , etc.

4. Use the following ingredients for preparing lemon squash of different acidity.



25% Juice, 45 0 Brix, 1.5 % Acidity.

25% Juice, 65 0 Brix, 2% Acidity



1.0 kg

1.0 kg




2.0 kg





5. Mix the ingredients thoroughly by slight warming to obtain proper and rapid mixing.

6. After mixing the ingredients the product can be strained through a coarse muslin cloth for removal of dirt etc.

7. Add KMS 715 mg per litre of the finished product.

8. Pour the squash into previously sterilized bottles leaving head space of 1.5 cm and seal them.

9. Pasteurize the product at 65 0C for half an hour.

10. Allow them to cool, label, and store in cool dry place.

Important Hints for Preparation of Lemon Squash:

1. Lemon, orange, lime, mango, Phalsa, grape, passion fruit, pineapple, mulberry, can be used for preparation of squash.

2. Maintain following specification in final product.

a) TSS: 40% 
b) Juice: 25%
c) Acidity: 1.5 to 2.0 %.

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