Perception of College Students About Gender Discrimination In Rural Areas of District Faisalabad


v  Lower level of education of respondents, will be the cause of gender discrimination

v  Higher the age group of respondents, will be the cause of gender discrimination

v  Higher family status of respondents, will be the cause of gender discrimination


Gender is socially structured phenomenon. In Pakistan about 52% population is female but they are discriminated in various disciplines of life like education, health, marriage etc. Gender discrimination not only exists in Pakistan but around the globe.

200 respondents were selected by multistage sampling techniques from rural areas of district Faisalabad. At first stage one town was selected randomly and then the union councils and localities also be selected randomly at 2nd and 3rd stage respectively. The collected data were subjected to Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS).

1-     63% respondents were from age group 19 years old and above.

2-     56% were at first year education level.

3-     82% were from Arian cast while 40% & 28% was jutt and Rajpoot

4-     88% said their consent should be taken at time of marriage

5-     13% said that they would be free to choose their life partner.

6-     82% said woman education play major role in development of community and ultimately a Nation.

7-     80% admitted that educated woman get more respect as compare to un-educated.

8-     56% said Gender equality is essential for good life.

Comparison with Ground Facts

Above mentioned points are

Highly Valid

Moderately Valid


4,5 & 6

3,7 & 8

1 & 2


Ø  Female should be given economically and financial support so that they can be educate themselves.

Ø  Need to create awareness among females to realize their worth in Islam.

Ø  Their consent is necessary at time of their marriage and parents have no right to force them

Ø  Should be given a chance to practice their skills in every field of life


Ø  Peoples should create and keep friendly environment in their home and should respect their wives, sisters, Mothers and daughters.

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