Maize (Zea maize)


Maize being the highest yielding cereal crop in the world, is of significant importance for countries like Pakistan, In Pakistan maize is third important cereal after wheat and rice. Maize accounts for 4.8% of the total cropped area and 3.5% of the value of agricultural output. It is planted on an estimated area of 0.9 million hectares with an annual production of 1.3 million tonnes. The bulk (97%) of the total production come from two major provinces, NWFP, accounting for 57% of the total area and 68% of total production. Punjab contributes 38% acreage with 30% of total maize grain production. Very little maize 2-3% is produced in the province of Sindh and Balochistan. Though not included in Pakistan official statistics maize is an important crop of AJK with about 0.122 million hectares of maize being planted during kharif. The spring maize area and production in Punjab is not accounted for, which covers around 0.070 million ha with about 050 million tonnes of maize grain being produced.  Area, production and yield of maize in Pakistan.

  (000 ha)           (000 tones)                 (Kg/ha)


1992-93                 868                     1184                         1364

1993-94                 879                     1213                         1380

1994-95                 889                     1288                         1449

1995-96                 880                     1238                         1457

1996-97                 871                     1260                         1446


Source: Pakistan Statistics.

This high yielding cereal crop is affected by following pest

A. Borer                                     C. Ear head Feeders

1. Stem fly                                                                  1. Corn worm

2. Stem borer                                                              2. Ear head bug

3. Pink stem borer

B. Leaf feeders                                   D. Sap feeders

1. Web worm                                                              1. Leaf hopper

2. Ash weevil                                                              2. Aphid or Plant lice

           3. Shoot bug


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