Growing Conditions for Stinging Nettle

Light: Full sun to partial shade
Shade: Tolerates medium shade
Moisture: Medium, but can tolerate fairly wet soils
pH: tolerates a fairly wide range of soils (5.5 – 7.5)

Special Considerations for Growing:
Tolerates juglone (natural growth inhibitor produced by Black Walnut and its relatives). Consider using this tree as a buffer between your walnuts and other plantings.

Propagation: Few people propagate this plant on purpose, but transplanting young plants from stolons or rhizomes is easy. Seeds easily – just rub the mature seed heads, releasing the seeds, over where you want the Stinging Nettle to grow.

None required.
To control growth and spread try these methods, and always protect your hands and arms:

  • Cut off the flowering heads to reduce seed production – typically done in late Summer when the plants are tall. A scythe is a great tool for this job.
  • At least once a season, and maybe a few times, pull up any plant that is growing outside of where you want the Stinging Nettles to grow. 

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