Oat (Avena sativa L.), locally known as javi; jai, or jodar, belongs to the , Gramineae family (Fig. 15.3). It has been very important since the ancient historical period. Lately oat has gained importance in Pakistan as a fodder crop in cold, moist areas Economic im- portance. Oat is an important winter fodder under irrigated conditions either as sole crop, or sown together. with berseem. Oat is a single-cut crop and supplies fodder’ over a shorter per- iod than does ber- seem. The oat plant contains .protein (9.23{7(1), fat (3.56%), fibre (30.44%), calcium (0.82%), and phos- phorus ‘(0.27%). The leaves and grains are high in carotene and carbo- hydrates. ,Oats provide nutritious fodder in the dry , month of May, and are relished by all I animals, particularly 

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