Main causes for the failure of cotton in Pakistan

Main Causes for The Failure of Cotton in Pakistan

Cotton is sown as a fiber is considered as a cash crop. According to old history it was grown in Indus plain in 3000 BC, in the cotton production countries ranked at 5th. Pakistan is a major growing country in cotton and it is known worldwide due to its production and exportation.

Cotton Industry: –

75% of our industry depends upon cotton, mainly our textile industry depends upon cotton because some products of cotton are given in below

  1. Clothes
  2. Cotton lint
  3. Cotton seed
  4. Baby diapers
  5. Cotton seed oil

75 percent of our industry depends on cotton. Therefore, farmer sow different verities to get all possible products from different type of verities.

In 2015 cotton failed due to bad weather condition and different fatal diseases, these are not all factors which solely cause the failure of cotton industry, pink boll worm is also considered as the main cause for the failure of cotton. Pakistan agricultural economy decreased badly in last 10 years, due to which small land owners are facing financial problems. Government is working in least efficient way which is not enough to bring prosperity in agriculture sector.

In the following, mentioned some costs of Sprays and fertilizers

“urea bag of 50kg of all fertilizer companies will be available at Rs 1,400 whereas DAP bag of Angro Company will be sold in the market at Rs 2712.

Similarly, Sona DAP of Fauji Fertilizer Company will be available at Rs 2852 per bag, FFC DAP bag at Rs 2752, Fatima Pak Arab bag (50 kg) at Rs 2672, PHO fertilizer bag of Angro Company at Rs 2800, FFC bag at Rs 3120, SSP (18%) bag of Angro Company at Rs 1026.51, Agri Tech bag at Rs 1104, NP fertilizer bag of Angro Company at Rs 1900.98, Fatima Pak Arab bag at Rs 1964, NPK Zarkhaiz Gain fertilizer bag at Rs.2493.36 and NPK Zarkhaiz Blue bag at Rs 2470”


In recent years’ cotton did not cover our demand even at national level. Per acre production decreased in recent years. In 2014-2015 its production increased dramatically, even 11 % more than 2013-2014.Some of the records are given in below

  1. 38 Million bales in 1961
  2. 38 Million bales in 2014

MAJIC year: –

1990 – 1991 was called as major year because during this period production increased from 0.70 million to 2.2 million tones. However majorly these factors contributed for this production.

  • Pest control
  • Improved seed
  • Good use of fertilizers

Export: –

Cotton accounts 55% for the export earnings. one of the main reason is due to BT Cotton verities, somewhere in countries it performed best but not for all locations. With the passage of time its production decreased from 20 million bales to only 11 million bales. BT cotton verities failed to perform in the local areas of Pakistan, and continuously its production decreased since 2015.Its objection cannot be given solely to Pakistan government however there are many other agencies who are responsible for the failure of cotton. As I mentioned all possible factors in below.

  • Farmers practices at famer level
  • Bad weather conditions due to climate change
  • Irrigation problem
  • Soil salinity
  • Resistance decreased in GMO Seeds (BT Cotton)
  • Water use inefficiency
  • Mixing of pure seed with impurities

Due to the given circumstances, the total production of cotton decreased from 20 million bales to 11 million bales.

Farmers Attention: –

Now in Pakistan famers turned their attention toward others crops while total area of sowing for cotton decreased and it is decreasing continuously which is alarming situation for agriculture sector.

  2. I KHAN

According to one report published in DAWN newspaper during 2002

“Many surveys were conducted by one agriculture team and they concluded following results which are responsible for the destruction of cotton industry”

  • BT cotton has more jassids attack.
  • Non-BT cotton have spotted bollworm attack.
  • Mixing of BT cotton with non BT cotton

Actually by studying all prevalent conditions, it seems government agriculture sector has not proper check and balance for the Implementation of all terms and conditions.

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