Vaccine for Hydropericardium Syndrome in Poultry

Vaccine_for_Hydropericardium_Syndrome_in_Poultry_1Hydropericardium Syndrome (HPS) (Angara disease) was first time seen at a broiler farm at Angara Goth near Karachi in August, 1987.  The disease later on spread throughout Pakistan within two years particularly in broilers and broiler breeders causing huge economic losses to the poultry industry. The disease appears suddenly in well growing broilers around 20 days of age.  The course of disease is usually 10-14 days with more than 60% mortality.  At necropsy, the most important lesion is

the accumulation of clear, watery or jelly-like fluid in the pericardial sac. Other lesions include oedematous and congested lungs, pale and swollen liver and kidneys. This disease was previously not reported in the world literature. The causative agent of the disease was shown to be an adeno virus.

A formalized liver homogenate vaccine was developed and found effective for control ofVaccine_for_Hydropericardium_Syndrome_in_Poultry_2 this infestation in both laboratory and field tests. The vaccine not only provides prophylactic cover but can also be used in the face of outbreak to significantly reduce losses. This vaccine technology was transferred to public and private sector vaccine manufacturers. Presently about 20 private companies and four public sector organizations are preparing this vaccine. Vaccination against HPS is now routinely practiced at all broiler and breeder farms of the country. Pakistan Poultry Association has awarded NARC scientists for this breakthrough.

Key References

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