Probability of Poultry Development

Poultry plays a vital role in socioeconomic condition of a country. Most of the village people raise poultry in traditional open method, without any investment and feeding household garbage. In this types of poultry rearing they can’t produce sufficient egg and meat for the demand of growing population. So, it is very necessary to raise hybrid poultry and expand this throughout the country. A local species of chicken can lay about 40-50 eggs per year which weights at most 30-35 grams. But the hybrid chicken can lay up to 250-300 eggs per year and every egg weights between 60-70 grams. On an average one person consume 250-300 eggs per year. For good health every person needs 120 grams meat daily. We can fulfill this demand by rearing poultry at home successfully.
Rearing poultry has a great probability for eradicating poverty and unemployment problem from our country. By poultry rearing we can meet up egg and meat demand of our family first, then sell the rest to earn some cash. People will get a good source for working and the agriculture of our country will develop day by day. The causes of poultry developing probability in Bangladesh are described bellow.
  1. The government of our country has declared the poultry rearing as an industry.
  2. The department of livestock has boost up many prolongation activities for poultry farming and hygienic rearing for poultry.
  3. Now many sponsors are contributing to this industry.
  4. Open university of Bangladesh has started many agricultural courses.
  5. Many training center has been established for the young unemployed people and housewives. They are learning about poultry rearing, farm establishing and management from this center.
  6. Department of youth development has lounged training program about poultry rearing.
  7. Many industries established for providing poultry food.
  8. Many bank of our country providing loan in easy terms and condition.
  9. Government trying to develop the transportation and marketing condition.
  10. Unemployed young people getting working opportunity by poultry rearing.
  11. Govt. and non govt. organization are trying to produce the poultry vaccine and medicine in our country.
  12. Government trying to provide hybrid poultry bird in moderate rate.
From above discussion we can say that, the future or probability of poultry rearing in our country is very bright. The government should  be more careful and helpful to improve this industry.

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