HOW JEALOUSY AFFECTS YOUR MIND?

                                   A SOCIO-CULTURAL PROBLEM

Jealousy is certainly a habit that is harmful to yourself and your relationship. There is no doubt that jealousy causes distance and mistrust between two people.  Jealousy is the little green monster and it is an uncomfortable feeling either way.

Have you ever had a bad habit, feel not good  on that? Perhaps it was teeth grinding, nails biting, nose picking or interrupting others when they speak. You might try to  overcome them because doing this is unpleasant annoying or even harmful.

But question is this why do we jealous?  Why do we get anger at the thought of someone else having something we want? Why do we always personalize things and deem them our own? Why we compare ourselves with others?

Jealousy can be hard to identify. But guaranteed it will bring you unsetting feelings in the pit of your stomach. Jealousy is also a sickness of ego. Means you are not getting what you want, but someone else is. Means it is a time to look at the crux of the situation and find out why u care so much that the other person is doing well.

Remember good thoughts , good actions, precede good fortune. If we jealous that shows our ugly side, that we are vulnerable and weak.

How to control jealousy?

People who suffer from jealousy need to ask themselves if they want to live their lives not liking perfectly nice people. They need to realize that life is too short and it make no sense to fill our heads with nastiness.

You must believe in yourself that you are a good person. You are special, unique in your own way. Love and respect yourself. Insecurity breeds jealousy. You can boost your self esteem to overcome jealousy.

And at the end I would like to share my own experience

 “Success is defined by healthy relationship  with yourself, your family, friends, pets and so on..

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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