tomatobasketMarch is the time to find the widest selection of tomato varieties at nurseries, garden centers and online retailers. Here are some worth checking out, according to Dave Freed, a Cypress-based tomato gardener.


Brandywine: has large pink to red beefsteak-size fruits; a perennial tomato gardener favorite.

Black Krim: has dark, beefsteak-size fruits; a bit salty but tasty.

Sun Gold: has clusters of small, sweet, yellow-orange fruits; a popular tomato.


Better Boy: has large, red, thick-skinned fruit, is disease-resistant, has classic tomato flavor.

Big Beef: has extra-large red fruit, is disease-resistant, has the flavor of old-fashioned tomatoes.

Lemon Boy: has medium-size fruits with unusual lemon-hued skin.



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