Tomato varieties to try

tomatobasketMarch is the time to find the widest selection of tomato varieties at nurseries, garden centers and online retailers. Here are some worth checking out, according to Dave Freed, a Cypress-based tomato gardener.


Brandywine: has large pink to red beefsteak-size fruits; a perennial tomato gardener favorite.

Black Krim: has dark, beefsteak-size fruits; a bit salty but tasty.

Sun Gold: has clusters of small, sweet, yellow-orange fruits; a popular tomato.


Better Boy: has large, red, thick-skinned fruit, is disease-resistant, has classic tomato flavor.

Big Beef: has extra-large red fruit, is disease-resistant, has the flavor of old-fashioned tomatoes.

Lemon Boy: has medium-size fruits with unusual lemon-hued skin.



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