Propagation of Aonla

Aonla is propagated by Seeds as well as by Vegetative methods. Since seed multiplication brings variability, vegetative methods should only be adopted. However for raising root stock seedlings are required to be raised through seeds. Seeds are collected from fully matured fruits, in the month of February, and sinkers are used for sowing and floaters discarded being embryoless. There is no seed dormancy, therefore, fresh seeds give almost 100% germination. Process of germination can be quickened by soaking dried seeds in 500 pm GA 3 solution for 24 hours. Seedlings can be raised in seedbeds or polythene bags. It will take them about 4 months to attain buddable size.

Both budding and inarching methods can be used for raising plants but budding is more successful. Among three methods of budding, forkert and patch budding done from dune to September, gave maximum success. However, shield or T-budding is the commercial method of Aonla propagation and gave 80 percent success in rejuvenation of old orchards. One year old seedlings with a girth of about 1 cm should be shield budded in early June with healthy and plump buds from new growth.

Soft wood grafing can also be used successfully for which seedlings are raised in situ and headed back severely in the month of May for forcing new vigorous side shoots. On these new shoots soft wood grafting method can be employed by way of wedge grafting. It gives 70 percent success.

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