Preparation of Santra Marmalade

On the preparation of Marmalades, all the conditions necessary for jelly making are applicable. The term “Marmalade” is generally associated with the product made from citric fruits like oranges and lemons in which shredded peel is included as the suspended material.


Santra fruits, Sugar, Citric acid, Jel meter, etc.

Procedure of Preparation of Santra Marmalade:

1. Select fully sun ripened fruits.

2. Wash them thoroughly in water.

3. Peel 30 % of the fruits. The peels are cut into shreds, ¾ to 1 long and about 1/32 to 1/20 thick. The peel become tough if they are boiled as such with sugar solution. It is , therefore, necessary to soften them before use. Generally, the following methods are used for this.

a. Boiling the shredded peels for 10-15 minutes in several changes of water. Incidentally, the bitter principle of the peels are also removed in the process.

b. Boiling the peels in 0.25 % solution of Sodium carbonate or 0.1 % Ammonia solution.

c. Heating the peels in an autoclave at 240 0F- 250 0F. After softening the shredded peels, they should be kept covered with water for use later on.

4. Peel the remaining fruits and leave the whitish spongy portion with the fruit because it contains pectin.

5. Cut the fruits into slices and add 2-3 times water and boil for 45-60 minutes to liberate the pectin.

6. The boiled solution is then through a thick cloth a discard the coarse pulp.

7. The strained extract is allowed to stand over night.

8. When the sediments settles down, the clear juice is decanted and test for pectin content by means of Jel Meter or Alcohol Test.

9. Calculate the quantify of sugar to be added on the basis of pectin content in the following proportions:


Pectin Content

Sugar to be Added per kg of Juice



1 to 1 1/4 kg



3/4 kg



1/2 kg

10. Allow heating of extract rapidly. During boiling injuries rising to the surface are skimmed off. The boiling is continued till the jellying point is reached. Add 1 percent of Citric acid before end point is reached.

11. Add shreds when the final product is hot at the rate of about 30% of the original extract.

12. Pour the product into previously sterilized glass bottles.

13. Allow the bottles to cool and cover the surface of product by pouring melted paraffin wax.

14. Fix the cap, label the bottles and stored them in cool dry place.

Important Hints Preparation of Santra Marmalade:

1. Marmalade containing 60% sugar boils at 221 0F. 
2. Boiling should not take more than 20 minutes. Short boiling produces a bright and sparkling marmalade.

3. It is desirable to add flavour because the natural flavour evaporates during boiling and cooking. Generally a small quantity of orange oil may be added to the marmalade at the time of packing.

4. Marmalade should not be filled hot as the shreds floate up and collect at the surface.

5. Add 4 gms of KMS for 100 Lbs of marmalade to prevent it to darken during storage. KMS should be added during the cooling of the marmalade.

Source: agriinfo

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