Off-Season Vegetable Production under Plastic Tunnel


Off-Season_Vegetable_1Protected vegetable production technology is popular in several countries as it enables to grow vegetables when it is not otherwise possible under field conditions. This coupled with enhanced crop yield of high quality produce allows the growers to invest in this business and earn handsome profit.

Technology Development and Demonstration

During 1988, work on off-season vegetable production was started. Different trials were conducted on raising cucumber and tomato crops under plastic tunnel. The technologies for tomato and cucumber production were developed. A project for demonstration of subsequently low cost tunnel structures were installed at farm level through out Pakistan with the help of provincial cooperative units and raising of tomato and cucumber crops were demonstrated. Training courses were organized for dissemination of these technologies. Leaflets were also published and distributed amongst stackholders.


The Technology

Off-Season_Vegetable_2The recommended time for raising tomato nursery is September. The seedlings are transplanted in October. The fruiting starts in February and continues till May. Two cucumber crops are recommended i.e., autumn crop is transplanted in October which gives fruiting from November to February and spring crop is transplanted in February which gives fruiting from March to May.   A net profit of Rs. 1,20,000 per acre could be obtained.


Key References

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